We are dedicated to preserving our hunting and fishing heritage along with sharing our adventures with fellow sportsman. We are
stewards of the land and in managing our wildlife, forest, wetlands and waters to the best of our abilities. 

Additionally, we are redefining the term "trophy." Here at Wicked Stick Outdoors, LLC we believe that the "trophy" is in the eye of
the beholder, not what a book, measuring tape or scales tell us. Whether it is for the freezer or for the wall, all of mother nature's
gifts are trophies. 

We are here to represent the voice of the average sportsman. We believe in using and promoting effective products that are
available on the market through our productions and other media outlets. These products must not only be effective but affordable
as well. We are advocates of exposing first time hunters, youths, physically challenged, our military (past and present), along with
others through providing them avenues to become more diversified sports men and women. We believe everyone has a place in the
outdoors and do not discriminate against any hunting types or methods. As Wicked Stick Outdoors, LLC we are a diverse team that
use multiple methods of hunting, fishing and trapping. We love the outdoors and share a passion to share it with everyone!